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RaeAnne Hadley

RaeAnne loves meeting new people and adores her fans. They are some of the most loyal souls and she embraces each and every one of them. Her favorite thing is to meet them in person, at book signings or ComiCons!

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Loss & Grief

Loss & Grief

Both of these subjects are not new to me. They are painful reminders of how short our lives truly are

Website Updates and Freebies!

Website Updates and Freebies!

As my website grows, more incredible offers, giveaways and announcements will increase. I’m in production now with creating incredible audiobooks

Exciting Times!

Exciting Times!

My book, End of Crows, the first in the Small Sacrifices Series, recently hit #2 on Amazon. To say I

Small Sacrifices Series

Gathering of Corvids…Coming November 2023!

End of Crows

The first book in the series is now an International Award-Winner! Check out the series here!

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