Author Biography​

RaeAnne Hadley

RaeAnne started her life’s career as an automotive mechanic. After being fired for taking maternity leave, she began to plot ways to kill off her boss via car accident, of course! As she started writing down her ideas, her father convinced her to spare the boss and turn the notes into a book. Her sarcastic humor and belief in happily-ever-after has turned her vendetta into a multi-decade career. She enjoys bringing tears and laughter into other people’s lives.

Her End of Crows series has garnered amazing reviews and she’s vying for film and movie producers attention. Becoming frustrated with  the scammers out there, decided to create her own book trailers to garner the proper attention. She was shocked when she won the first international film festival she entered and discovered a new passion. Having created several more film trailers, RaeAnne has gone on to win several more international film festivals including the New York Tri-State film festival and recently the IMBd certified international film festival; Beyond the Curve.

She’s excited to offer her talents of bringing books to life and help other authors gain the attention of movie makers everywhere.

She lives in Colorado with her city-boy husband with four and a quarter horses, (Mr. Moonlight only counts as 25% horse) her four dogs and two incredible and also sarcastic daughters.