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Having been an automotive mechanic for 25+ years, RaeAnne Hadley aka R.A. Lingenfelter never dreamed she would be an International Gold Medal award winning author, or an IMDb certified award-winning director and producer for multiple international film festivals.

Her writing has won accolades and is being compared to Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games, Red Dawn and George Orwell’s 1984, but she definitely wants her writing voice to be as unique as her personality.

RaeAnne credits her now deceased father for her career change, as he was the one who read her notes on ways to kill off her boss via vehicular homicide after he fired her for taking maternity leave. Instead of spending time behind bars, R.A. happily spends her time behind the laptop plotting new worlds and new ways of vengeance.

Her first book in the series, End of Crows, was scheduled to premiere at the 2020 Denver Comicon but unfortunately, Covid changed that. End of Crows has won the highly coveted Gold Medal from International Readers’ Favorite Award for Young Adult Adventure in 2022, 2023 Cadmus International and the second book, Flight of Sparrows won the 2023 International Readers’ Favorite silver medal. She’s had four of her novels hit #1 on Amazon and hopes to earn more credentials with her writing.


R.A. Lingenfelter

Stetsons & Stallions

Love romance, adventure and thrilling twists but not the dirty, explicit descriptions? RaeAnne Hadley’s sweet romances offer a HEA ending, sensual scenarios that offer a little tantalizing tease without the shameless descriptions!

Enjoy one of her sweet romances today!


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