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RaeAnne Hadley aka R.A. Lingenfelter (Lingenfelter is her maiden name) has always been interested in the afterlife and the true purpose of life. Her ability to sense those who have passed, she finally embraced the ability and began learning to communicate with the afterlife. Writing helps process what’s been seen and experienced. Using her maiden name, she’s allowed her muse to tap into the depths of her imagination to write her paranormal tales.

RaeAnne started her life’s career as an automotive mechanic. She was fired from a repair facility for taking maternity leave and being sleep-deprived began plotting ways to take out her boss, via a car accident. Her father read her notes and mentioned it would be an incredible story, so she began writing her fictional tale instead of taking it out on her boss and spending her future in prison. She will always be grateful for her father, and her asshole boss, for opening up an incredible career opportunity! 

R.A. Lingenfelter

Love's Everlasting Song

Rebecca wanted to put her ranch on the map
Luke had the song she needed for her competition
Would she lose her heart or her ranch fighting for the song?

Rebecca Gordon never believed in “happily-ever-after” but she had no idea how far her marriage had crumbled until she walked in on her husband with another woman. Unable to save her marriage, she decides to focus on her career and win the horse show that would put her ranch on the map. Wanting to use the latest, chic music for her competition, she flies to L.A. where she is to meet with the managers of Luke Grayson, one of the hottest singers of the decade.

Luke Grayson is on top of the world and at the top of the charts but he’s growing weary with the “McModels” that are throwing themselves at him. Their selfish, shallow personalities leave him wanting for more. He stumbles across a DVD late one night and becomes entranced with the woman riding her horse to his music. Determined to meet her, he arranges to be a part of that meeting.

The physical attraction between the two is immediate but Rebecca struggles with her pending divorce and need to be successful in her career. As Rebecca begins to open her heart and believe in her future, her past won’t leave her alone and threatens to destroy everything she has worked for. Can she fight to put her past to rest and begin a new life or will this be her swan song?


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