Website Updates and Freebies!

As my website grows, more incredible offers, giveaways and announcements will increase. I’m in production now with creating incredible audiobooks that will only be found here. New stories, new themes, new genres to satisfy the various tastes of readers. Until then, I won’t leave you hanging. I have several books ranging from sweet western romance, paranormal and even my award winning End of Crows FREE through Audible. Now before you stop reading and move on, you do NOT need to subscribe to download these books. Once you enter the code, it is yours to download and keep forever! I have codes for the USA and the UK, so please help yourself! Since the codes are for individual use only, I’ll try and keep them updated daily. If you try a code and it says it’s already been redeemed, don’t get discouraged, just try the next one! I’ll delete them as they are being used.

Thank you again for all of your support, positive nature and just for being you! Have a very blessed day and enjoy a story or two on me!

For UK audiences, please click on this link and then enter the available codes below for Dissolution of a Vampire. 6KCYF9UGFHMX5, 7GQC9W3Y8DFG6, 8KDKRWPMYFZ3Q, 8RWLW4PUXZ4UM, 9PH6HGQBMPDRS, BLP5ZUNSDNPB6, DKTFZUD6ZE7S9, DPJKW6GTWCGNT, E3SZRZMXUGNE3. For USA audiences, please click on this link and enter the available codes. 6N3Q5DUKNRZ5D, 9DNHRG2WW67TK, 9N8H5LC8JK8WU, CUT9ZLAWQQBQN, DH3SQHEEC48P7, E6TC6AU44T64K, E87A7AMN8H26H, FL5Z77XEX4NQY.

For my award-winning End of Crows, use the links above for your country. UK codes are: D4FTZLPTQWZX4, DCRYN8JE5ZJLQ, G6XTLLJ57XR4K, H2QMC2P2E6AEB, HWWC5SMLYYPJL, JMEPCS6E6W4NZ. USA codes are: 3LX6586RK7J9E, 6KBT58MK833TU, 9CWMXZ833M2SW, B5YUGFJWMMEJY, BETHEZLSGFBQY, E26L8N9EU3AWC.

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